Do you have financial problems?
You have come to the right website.

Let’s get you some help right now! Worrying is not going to solve your problems. Doing something today requires you to take the first step to find a solution.

Step One: Recognize that you have a financial problem.

Let’s be honest with each other. If you have financial problems, you need professional help. You need the best-qualified legal and financial advice you can get. The free advice you get from neighbors, family, friends can end up being very expensive. Cheap is expensive. Why? If the advice is wrong, you lose and can expect to spend more to fix these, which you may have inadvertently made worse. You get what you paid for…absolutely nothing. If you seek help from professionals who do not specialize in financial issues, you are probably will not get the proper expert advice.

Hire an attorney with specific experience in handling financial issues.

Find an attorney who takes the time to understand your specific problem.

Every person with a financial problem is also different. And every lender is different. Are you worried about your home? Do you have small children who you have to protect?  Do you have a small business that is your only source of income?  Are you worried about being able to obtain credit again once your bankruptcy is over?  Would you like to see if there is some way you can avoid bankruptcy?  You need an experienced attorney with a track record in solving financial problems. You need an attorney to guide you towards a solution that works for you. Not solution that works for everyone else the lawyer sees that day or that month.

Because solving your financial problems starts with you, you .need to be an active participant.  That will require you to look at things you have not wanted to see, such as how much you need in order to survive and how much debt you actually have.

When you are ready to face reality, starting just requires that you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment.  At A Fresh Start, same day and next day appointments are the norm.  Because when you need a fresh start, you should be able to find the answers right away.