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Did you have an accident your insurance didn’t cover?

 Uninsured accidents have become common. If you have lost income, you might have decided to enter the “gig” economy. This type of work often requires you to use your vehicle to do your job. And, if money is tight, you might also cut back on your expenses. Unfortunately, one casualty of these decisions affects your vehicle insurance.

 Driving others or delivering products can invalidate your regular auto insurance coverage. In addition, you can face enormous repercussions if you were in an accident and didn’t pay your premiums on time or reduced your coverage, leaving you responsible for uninsured damages.

If you are in a car accident, whether without insurance, too little insurance, or the wrong type of insurance, you could be required to pay the damages yourself. The DMV can cancel your driver’s license until you pay these damages. But sometimes, even with proper coverage, you may have problems getting your insurance companies to pay for an accident.


Were you in an accident and are waiting for an insurance company to pay your claim?

 If you file bankruptcy, you must list any award you might be entitled to get in the bankruptcy paperwork. You may be able to keep some or even all of this money. But the details matter. So in this situation, be sure to have information about what amount you believe you might get and discuss it with your bankruptcy attorney.

 At A Fresh Start Law, we are very familiar with the ways to protect your claim for personal injury benefits. Our team will even consult with your personal injury lawyer to explain how to protect this important asset.

 Do you have a life insurance policy with a “cash surrender” value? Or do you have a claim for life insurance benefits due to someone’s death?

 If you file bankruptcy, you can probably keep all life insurance benefits. But it is crucial to obtain and carefully follow expert legal advice. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to make a small mistake that destroys your legal right to protect this valuable asset.

 During the past 35+ years, the attorney at A Fresh Start Law has faced many issues involving protecting life insurance benefits. We will carefully work with you to explain how to avoid potential land mines when handling this asset.

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