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Understanding the Bankruptcy Process

The Bankruptcy process may seem overwhelming. But, Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Dorothy Bunce at A Fresh Start Law has over 35 years of legal experience. Attorney Dorothy can make your experience almost painless because she has been through it many times.

Still, avoiding complications in your Bankruptcy requires you to understand what is happening. Without this, you may assume something that isn’t true and put yourself in jeopardy.

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Details of the Bankruptcy Process

At A Fresh Start Law, we understand every aspect of Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy law. But you don’t. So when you hire A Fresh Start Law to represent you in Bankruptcy Court, we don’t just throw a stack of paperwork at you and say, “fill these out.” Instead, the attorney and the legal team go over each question on the Bankruptcy paperwork with you to explain why each answer is important. A Fresh Start Law takes this extra care with your case to prevent you from an unintentional misunderstanding that might cause problems. You can rely on the entire A Fresh Start Law team to be here for you when you need us to be, answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

In summary, the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process includes:

  • Consult with and retain the Bankruptcy lawyer. Before accepting your case, Attorney Dorothy at A Fresh Start Law looks at whether Bankruptcy is your best choice or if you are eligible to file. The amount of your debt and whether you have assets that are at risk of being lost are, of course, crucial factors in this assessment.
  • Complete the mandatory pre-bankruptcy evaluation at .
  • Gather your financial documents, including income records (pay stubs), tax returns, and bank statements.
  • Attorney prepares your case. Then you review and correct any incomplete, incorrect, or missing answers
  • Attorney files your Bankruptcy case.
  • Attorney enforces the automatic stay to stop garnishment, foreclosure, or creditor harassment.
  • Attorney prepares a Trustee Questionnaire for you to complete and sign. You also give your attorney updated bank records and any other documents the Trustee assigned to manage your case requests.
  • You and the attorney attend the Trustee meeting, also called the Meeting of Creditors.
  • When your Discharge arrives, your attorney will provide you with instructions on rebuilding and repairing your credit.


A Fresh Start Law is here to help when you are overwhelmed by debt. Since Bankruptcy has many unwritten rules and procedures, using our skilled and knowledgeable legal team is invaluable. We also look at whether Bankruptcy is right for you or not, even if the result is that you pay us nothing. There are many factors that we consider to advise our clients effectively.

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