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A lien is a legal process that gives a creditor a partial interest in property. A lien prevents an owner from selling or refinancing property until the creditor is paid. A mortgage is a type of lien, and so is a car loan. In most instances, a creditor with a lien can sell the property without the owner’s consent, pay the debt, and then any remaining balance goes to the owner.

Someone may have agreed to a lien to borrow money. But most problems involve liens that creditors place on property without the owner’s consent.

At A Fresh Start Law, we often joke and say that there are nearly as many types of liens as there are flavors of Vodka in a Las Vegas nightclub. So it is important to understand that the type of lien affects how it can be removed.

The following are types of liens A Fresh Start Law has removed. However, this is not a complete list of all the types of liens we can remove.

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