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Why Hire A Fresh Start Law?

Dorothy Bunce, the attorney at A Fresh Start Law, has over 35 years of bankruptcy experience in Nevada and more than 10 years of settling debts. As a result, she has a comprehensive understanding of the many ways to solve debt problems and a long record of success. Attorney Dorothy will guide you through the confusing process of eliminating your debts while fully protecting your legal rights.

Skilled and Kind Bankruptcy and Debt Lawyer in Las Vegas.

The non-attorney team at A Fresh Start Law consists of skilled negotiators with extensive experience settling debts and navigating the complex student loan system. Using this extensive experience, the A Fresh Start Law team will avoid potential pitfalls and show you have to move forward. Our services include:

You can count on the team at A Fresh Start Law to provide professional and caring representation.

After helping countless clients resolve their financial problems, the team at A Fresh Start Law knows that no two cases are the same. So each client gets personalized attention. Because A Fresh Start Law offers many solutions to debt problems, we don’t favor one strategy over another. Instead, we go over which programs are available, explain the benefits and pitfalls of each, and let you choose what is right for you.
Unfortunately, if someone only offers one or two solutions to a problem, their recommendations could be biased to favor what they do. In contrast, since A Fresh Start offers several ways to solve debt problems, we are not biased about what you choose, except to determine what is best for you.

Attorney Dorothy Bunce devotes her vast skills and resources to your case. The entire A Fresh Start Law team genuinely cares about our clients and treats you with respect and dignity. When you retain A Fresh Start Law, we will show you how the legal system affects you, explain your options, and how to reach financial freedom.

Dorothy is an active member of the Southern Nevada Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys.

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Why Choose A Fresh Start Law?

Over 35 years of experience helping people and families start fresh!

We provide free consultations to help you determine the right course.

We create a plan designed specifically for your unique financial situation.

We walk you through the process and ensure you leave feeling set up for success!

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