Debts We Settle

A Fresh Start has Settled the following Types of Debts: Credit Cards Repossessed Vehicles Debt Medical Debts Uninsured or Under-insured Vehicle Accidents Court Judgments Pending Lawsuits Student loans Solar and Water System Debt Unpaid Rent, Evictions, and Breach of Lease Claims, both personal and business Utility Bills Breach of Contract Personal Loans Business Loans and […]

Mechanics Liens

If a mechanic repairs your vehicle, he can keep it until you pay the bill. Obviously, you will pay your mechanic for the repairs he makes. Or if a roofer does work on your home, he can record the bill at the County so that you are required to pay him. So pay your roofer […]

Judgment Liens

If a creditor sues you, their Court judgment can be recorded with the County to force you into paying the debt. However, most creditors will not try to sell your property through foreclosure. Even so, creditors often do not correctly follow the laws, and A Fresh Start Law has the experience to remove this type […]

Public Hospital Liens

Public Hospital Liens Lawyer Las Vegas NV Suppose you are responsible for a bill to a Public Hospital, such as University Medical Center (UMC). Nevada law allows the hospital to record a lien that affects any real estate you own. But because this lien is subject to certain conditions, the hospital must follow proper procedures. The […]

Tax Liens

The IRS or other tax authorities also have the right to file liens against all of your property. Because it is the government, this lien affects your home. But a tax lien also involves everything you own, such as your vehicle, money in your bank accounts, and even your retirement savings. The government usually follows […]

Solar and Water Treatment Liens

While the news describes the many advantages of “going solar,” no one talks about the unscrupulous way solar products are marketed. And upon moving to southern Nevada, we discover hard water doesn’t clean well and makes our skin itch. Salespeople come by, call, or send us flyers. At some point, we fall for the pitch […]

HOA – Home Owner Association

State laws allow a Homeowners Association, or HOA, a super-priority lien. When your HOA records a lien, they will aggressively pursue a foreclosure. As a result, someone might lose all their rights to their home in as little as three months. A Fresh Start can offer solutions to this problem, but this is an urgent situation. It is […]


Most of us will obtain a vehicle loan at some time. This loan will be one of the most substantial debts we get. Yet, when getting this loan, the decision will often be impulsive, made without taking the time to consider its cost carefully. As time passes, paying for the vehicle may become unaffordable. People […]

Landlord/ Tenant Problems

Landlord Tenant Problems Renting property, whether for a home or a business, can involve considerable debt if things don’t work out. When you sign a lease, you agree to pay a sum equal to its entire term. While 6 or 12 months is the typical term for a home, renting a business might involve a […]


Foreclosure FAQ Foreclosure is the legal process of taking away your real estate and selling it to someone else at an auction. It is a way to repossess real estate. But unlike a repossession, the right to foreclose is controlled by state law, not by a contract. A Lender with either a mortgage or deed […]