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Bankruptcy Financing

Bankruptcy Financing

You Deserve a Fresh Start! We have helped hundreds of people, just like you, eliminate their debts. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Las Vegas.

Solving your debt problems is our only business.
Everyone knows you can’t finance your Bankruptcy.

Or so “they” say. However, there are ways you can finance your legal fee for a Bankruptcy, and thus proves that “everyone” is wrong.

At A Fresh Start Law, we have two ways you can finance your Bankruptcy case

Bifurcated Contract - Chapter 7

You hire the attorney to provide a preliminary service for a modest fee. (Usually around $50, plus the Court costs.) After the attorney files your case, you then hire the attorney to do the work to complete your case. You finance the cost of the remaining legal fee over a year by making monthly payments.

Legal Fees Paid Through Plan - Chapter 13

You hire an attorney to handle your entire case. You pay the Court costs, and your legal fees get paid out of your Chapter 13 Trustee payments.

For several reasons, financing your Bankruptcy costs more. But if your wages are garnished, the “repo man” is circling the block, or your home is up for foreclosure, this option is crucial.

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Dorothy is an active member of the Southern Nevada Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys.

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