Trust me…there is light at the end
of the bankruptcy tunnel!

Some common reasons people have debt problems are:

  • Medical bills

  • Family

  • Foreclosure, either pending or completed

  • Lost income

  • Divorce

  • Credit card debt…Irresponsible spending

  • Gambling

  • Tax debt…returns not filed on time or not at all

  • Large retirement account withdrawals to pay debt.

  • Payday loans taken out to pay emergency expenses.

  • Student loans

Debt problems are solved at A Fresh Start Law. Attorney Dorothy Bunce established debt repair strategies as an alternative to bankruptcy. While for many people, Bankruptcy is the obvious choice to eliminate debts, bankruptcy is not a one size fits all solution.  Some people are not eligible for bankruptcy while others simply want other choices.

Bankruptcy attorneys usually only offer two alternatives…Chapter 7 (regular bankruptcy) or Chapter 13 (the 3 – 5 year payment plan).  For those who want a third option, many bankruptcy attorneys can’t or won’t help. But Attorney Dorothy Bunce has expertise in debt settlement, which is a choice some people prefer. This strategy gets creditors to settle for much less then the balance owed. With the help of a dedicated bankruptcy attorney that offers this option, you can get your debts marked “paid off” for less than the balance due.

Dorothy is not a one-size-fits-all financial solutions attorney. You are special and your problems are unique to you. Dorothy offers choices to solving debt problems and knows how to navigate the legal system. You will understand the pros and cons of the choices you have to make. She does this with straight talk and absolutely no pressured sales pitch.

If you are lucky enough to engage Dorothy Bunce as your attorney this is what you can expect. She will treat you like she was your mom only much tougher.  Dorothy Bunce is your “Mean Mom” who always has your back, but won’t put up with your excuses, let you feel sorry for yourself or be a victim, or let you continue to be ignorant of how your problems can be solved.  Dorothy understands how hard it is to talk about your money problems, she doesn’t care whether the problems are your fault or not. We all make mistakes!  Dorothy knows that you have tried to solve these problems on your own.  How does she know this?  Because Dorothy has had financial problems of her own that were every bit as troubling as the problems you are now facing.

Excellence is attained by dedication, education, experience  and hard work. If you have serious debt problems, you want Dorothy Bunce. For over 35 years Dorothy has been helping hard working Nevada families solve financial problems. Help is only a phone call or email away. If you qualify for her help, she will not keep you waiting to meet with her.  See the “Contact Us” tab on this website for Dorothy’s contact information.

A Fresh Start Law is the place where you can start to resolve many kinds of financial problems. Bankruptcy cannot solve every problem. We have helped so many people free themselves of collection calls. Take a few moments to read our client reviews.

Call today and get… A Fresh Start!